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This episode was based on Ibrahim Ng's fan fiction entitled “Slide Effects.” You can read the over 40-page script HERE.

Since we read in the 2011 the fan-fic “Slide Effects,” we knew it was the perfect reset that could be the beginning of the sixth season of Sliders. However, the idea presented by Ibrahim Ng was not his own, but was based on the original idea of the creator of the series, Tracy Tormé. It is not a secret that Tormé was sidelined from Sliders at the beginning of the season three. In the INTERVIEW in 2009, he revealed that in 1996 he had created his own idea to reset the events after season two, in case he would ever return as a producer of Sliders. As we know, this never happened. In 2009 Tormé revealed that his idea for the reset was to bring back the original four characters: Quinn, Wade, Remmy and the Professor. The creator planned to use the Kromaggs for this plot - it turned out that when we saw adventures without the Professor and Wade, but with Maggie and Colin, we were watching a Kromagg simulation, not the adventures of our Sliders.  

In 2011 Ibrahim Ng created the over 40-page script based on this idea. In 2020, the website Sliders.PL on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Sliders premiere and the 20th anniversary of its ending, adapted the script “Slide Effects” for the virtual sixth season.

We made some changes to Ibrahim Ng's idea. We also thought that although the fan-fic “Slide Effects” is an excellent continuation of the series, it is incomplete. We added a few more episodes to it and finally we present the grand finale. It concludes the arcs of not only the original Sliders, but also those alternative Sliders, whose fate ended in a huge cliffhanger in the episode 5x18 “The Seer.” This topic was not taken up by the fan-fic “Slide Effects,” which is why we decided to conceptualize 13 new episodes to build a full sixth season. As a result, Sliders would have a total of 101 episodes, or 100 if we count the two pilot episodes as one. We need to mention that in 2013 there was already one attempt to use the fan-fic “Slide Effects” for the purpose of creating an unofficial (animated) sixth series. Unfortunately, it was never completed >>
CLICK! We decided to convert these ideas in the form of stories that definitively close all cliffhangers.

Using the infographic above we have illustrated our idea for the sixth season and the new timeline of the entire series (click to enlarge). In the middle, there is the axis of the series divided into six seasons. Using the blue color we marked the timeline of the original four Sliders, whose adventures we watched in season one, two and in the first half of season three. Then, from the second half of season three, throughout the fourth and fifth seasons, we saw the adventures of an alternative group (red timeline), whose adventures were sometimes tragic (e.g. deaths of characters). In season six, the original four Sliders (Quinn, Wade, Remmy, Arturo) return, and we also see eight alternative Sliders, whose adventures we watched from the second half of the third season to the fifth (Quinn2, Wade2, Remmy2, Arturo2, Maggie, Colin, Mallory, Diana).  

Ibrahim Ng assumed that in the Kromagg simulation Quinn saw the adventures of his many alternates, with a different double in every world. We assumed that we see in the simulation the same group all the time. Their adventures turned out to be tragic with the loss of the Professor, Wade, Colin and Quinn. 

Ibrahim Ng assumed that “Slide Effects” overwrote the entire third, fourth and fifth season of the series, and so the adventures of the original four, according to Ng, were only captured in the first and second series. We assumed that viewers watch the adventures of our original four Sliders up to the episode 3x13 “Murder Most Foul”. Why? We assumed that it is not very justified to delete the first half of the third season, in which we watched the adventures of the original four. In turn, in the episode 3x14 “Slide Like an Egyptian” there was a huge change with the Sliders missing their window of opportunity and being forced into the use of the new Egyptian timer. In our opinion, this was the beginning of the tragic events that led to the death of the Professor in the “Pulsar World.” So we assumed that our original four also ended up in the “Egyptian world,” but left it seamlessly with Quinn's original timer. Something we haven't seen with our own eyes on the show. Therefore, what we watch in episode 3x14 is the adventure of the alternative Quinn2 and his friends who missed the slide. From that moment until the final episode of 5x18 “The Seer”, we watched the adventures of not our original Sliders, but the adventures of this alternative group.  

We assumed that from episode 3x14 to 5x18 the original four Sliders were using only the original timer and visiting the same or similar worlds that were visited by the alternative ones. However we have not seen the adventures of the original four on the show, which could sometimes be similar and other times quite different to what we saw from the episode 3x14 to the finale of the series on 5x18. There were certainly no problems leading up to the use of the Egyptian timer and Maggie, Colin, Diana and Mallory did not participate on these adventures.

We also assumed that during this time a romantic bond between Quinn and Wade, as seen at the end of our episode 6x01, had developed. This idea is related to the fact that the original creators of the show had planned to deepen the emotional relationship between Mallory and Wells. Unfortunately, the show runners decided to forgo this relationship in favour of a relationship with Maggie. However, since we assumed that the original four had been experiencing unseen alternate adventures throughout Season 3, 4 and 5, then Wade and Quinn could have rebuilt the romantic bond which we saw between them in the first series. At the same time, we didn't want to turn season six into a love story. We assumed that since the romantic themes were not important in the show, the relationship between Quinn and Wade has to be described delicately, for example by a single hug or kiss.

We love Ibrahim Ng's idea that in the episode 6x01 “Slide Effects” Quinn found out the truth about Professor Arturo. This is one of the never explained arcs of the show, so we decided to use this idea in our season six.

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