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Episode 6x10 is based on a Sliders comic book entitled “Blood and Splendor”, which was published in 1997 by Acclaim. The script of this issue was written by Tracy Tormé, co-creator of the show.

Scans of the comic book "Blood and Splendor" >> CLICK!

We adapted the comic “Blood and Splendor” relatively faithfully. The exception is the plot of the bizarre worm-shaped creatures that the Sliders found inside the wormhole. The characters in the comic explained that this is a part of the vortex immune system that is supposed to fight infection and any uninvited guests, in this case, the Sliders. However, the idea of worms as guardians of the vortex, seems to be a total miss. It never made an appearance in the show, and so we felt that it should be cut from an episode that was based on this comic. The second minor change is at the very end of this episode. We added a kiss between Quinn and Wade, which was not a part of the original comic. This kiss is a reminder that Mallory and Wells are a couple in our rendition of season six.

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