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Episode 6x11 is based on a Sliders comic book entitled “Deadly Secrets”, which was published in 1997 by Acclaim.

Scans of the comic book "Deadly Secrets" >> CLICK!

We adapted the “Deadly Secrets” comic to meet the needs of episode 6x11 relatively faithfully. The only exceptions are the names of Wade's parents. In the comics, her father's name is Sullivan and her mother's name is Bonnie. We know perfectly well from the television show, that their correct names are Don and Liz. In episode 6x11, we completely skipped the comic flashback in which Wade’s parents died during an ecological demonstration when she was several months old, as we know from the series that this event never happened. Wade's parents are alive.

One of the themes of the “Deadly Secrets” comic is the Professor's fatal illness, which was mentioned in the first half of the third season of Sliders. At the start of Season Six, we revealed that the healer in the episode “Desert Storm” had healed the Professor, but it turned out to be not entirely successful. The disease returned again after a few years.

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