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The episode 6x12 was created as an original idea of Sliders.PL team, and is also based around the many conspiracy theories popular among fans, such as the origin of Quinn and Colin or the fate of the Professor.

When we decided that the fan-fic “Slide Effects” was a great introduction to the soft reboot of the show, we knew there was something that this fan-fic was missing. We’re talking about the lack of solving the great cliffhanger from the last episode “The Seer,” when Mallory spoke the final words, "What do we do now?" Although our episode 6x01 “Slide Effects” brought back the original four travelers and realized that our protagonists have never really lost anyone from their group, we absolutely wanted to finish the story of alternative Sliders, those who we watched from the middle of the third season and throughout the fourth and the fifth season, with a happy ending. In the first of the two final episodes, we decided to resurrect all four missing Sliders (Quinn, Wade, the Professor, and Colin) so that in the second episode there would be time for the final confrontation of two groups of Sliders with their villains.

Many fans believe that in the second season episode entitled “Post-Traumatic Slide Syndrome,” our true Professor Arturo was abandoned, and his double went along with Quinn, Wade, and Rembrandt. The co-creator of the series, Tracy Tormé himself, confirmed this theory. We use this solution in our sixth season. The Professor presented in this episode is still alive, and the one who died in the episode of the third series entitled “The Exodus: Part II,” was his double.

We knew that in this episode, we had to get Quinn back. It is true, that Dr. Geiger had already tried to separate Quinn from Mallory in the season five episode “Eye of the Storm.” Unfortunately, whether on purpose or not, he was not successful. We do not know. In our continuation, when two outstanding scientists, Professor Arturo and Dr. Davis, joined their skills, it turned out to be very effective. At the same time, they solved the problem with Colin, who was not absorbed into Mallory's body but had become unstuck. However, we decided that by bending space-time with the devices of the Kromagg Dynasty, the Professor would be able to save not only Quinn but also Colin. We applied this story solution to speed up the return of all the missing Sliders.

In Colin's case, we adapted the popular theory that Colin was not Quinn’s brother but a clone of Quinn, who was bred by the Kromaggs. Indeed, there are many indications that the creators had such a plan for season four, but at some point, they abandoned it. Some fans argue that Colin could not have been Quinn's clone, because the season four episode entitled “Lipschitz Live” featured his double, and as we know, the clone is a unique entity, created by the Kromaggs. However, it can be assumed that Colin’s double shown in “Lipschitz Live,” is another one of Quinn’s clones who was left in this world by the Kromaggs. Since the Dynasty hid one clone on the primitive world seen in the season four episode “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?,” it could have hidden another clone, a backup, in the world from “Lipschitz Live.”  

Wade, who was kidnapped by the Kromaggs, we absolutely had to bring back to life. The end of the season five episode entitled “Requiem” is ambiguous, which left many fans to believe that Wade sacrificed her life to save Remmy, Maggie, Diana, and Mallory. In turn, the "The Year Five Journal" (CLICK!) proves that the writers absolutely did not want to kill Wade in this episode. At the end of the episode, there is a vision of Miss Wells in Remmy's mind that suggests that she has somehow survived. In our sixth season, we assumed that Wade was close to death after the events of “Requiem.” She was severely wounded, but human rebels managed to save her. More than a year had passed from that rescue to the reunion with the Sliders, and so by that time, Miss Wells had completely recovered.

Information that’s very important in this episode, is that the world Quinn and Maggie found in the season three episode “The Exodus, Part I,” was not the homeworld of the alternate Quinn, Wade, Remmy, and Arturo. This also means that in the season four episode “Genesis,” the Sliders were also not in their homeworld, and Amanda, who was met by Quinn in the episodes “The Exodus: Part I,” “Genesis,” and “The Seer,” was not his biological mother. The story about Quinn’s origin from Kromagg Prime of course turned out to be a hoax of the Dynasty. Quinn thought he found his homeworld in the episode “The Exodus: Part I,” because of a locket worn by his mother and the squeaking of the gate in front of his house. Quinn was convinced that if the gate was creaking, he must have found his homeworld, where it always creaked. It turned out he was wrong.

Let's also clarify the issue of the colors of the Golden Gate Bridge. In the homeworlds of the original and alternative Sliders, this bridge is red. Our original Sliders went to the world with the Azure Gate Bridge in the second season. In contrast, we assumed that the alternative Sliders, whose adventures we observed in the Kromagg simulations from the middle of the third season to the end of season five, had a similar adventure in regards to leaving the Professor behind, but in a world with a green Golden Gate Bridge. In turn, the world that Quinn and Maggie slid to in “The Exodus, Part I,” which was later invaded by the Kromaggs and where Beckett had difficulties with breathing, was also very similar to ours. One small exception was that the color of the bridge there was gold.

In regards to Maggie Beckett, we wanted to provide a happy ending for this character. We also wanted to be sure that she would no longer be traveling with the alternate Quinn, Wade, Remmy, and Arturo, because we also wanted to make a soft reboot for the alternate group of Sliders. The original four could search for their home, without the companions who joined them in subsequent seasons. In order to provide Maggie with this type of ending, we had to make Beckett consciously give up on the journey and settle down, and the best motivation for that is family. Since we assumed that Wade was a better mate for Quinn than Maggie (for both original and alternate Sliders), we decided that for Beckett, the greatest happiness would be to get her back her late husband, Dr. Steven Jensen.

At the end of this episode, we decided to focus on the fact that in the final culminating episode of the series, the Sliders will have to fight not only one villain but with three all at once. They will face not only the obvious enemy, which is the Kromaggs, but also the much more powerful Zercurvian race, who were introduced in the Sliders comics and thus in our virtual sixth season. At the very end of the episode, we also present the big comeback of Logan St. Claire, Quinn’s female double, who was intended to be a recurring villain in season three. That didn't happen, and fans wondered for years if Logan would ever find the Sliders again. In this episode, we show that it took her several years, but she finally made it. Logan caught up with the travelers using the tracking function on her timer.

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