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The episode 6x13 was based on the original idea of Sliders.PL team.

In the last episode, there had to be a final confrontation between the Sliders and the three villains of the series. The Kromaggs were defeated with the virus and the Slidewave, the Zercurvians with the explosion of their ships and the Slidewave, and Logan at the hand of Maraud. Diana improved the Slidewave mechanism so much, that it sent not only living beings with a foreign quantum signature to another dimension, but also inanimate objects. As a result, the empty wrecks of the Kromagg and Zercurvian ships did not fall down on Los Angeles.

Any improvements to the timer, starting with the episode “The Exodus: Part I,” included only the Egyptian timer, which was used by the alternative group of Sliders. These modifications did not apply to Quinn’s original timer, which was used throughout the entire six-season. So how is it possible that the Professor was able to extract the coordinates of our world from Quinn's original timer, when the device did not store the coordinates? The Professor most likely did it in the same way as the Sorcerer, Quinn’s double in the episode 2x01 “Into the Mystic.” The Sorcerer somehow extracted the coordinates of our world from the original timer and at the end of this episode, we can see the effect of this help. Let’s add that the Professor, who worked for several months at Diana Davis’ Sliding Research Center, acquired many new skills that he had not had before. At this point, his knowledge of sliding could already match the knowledge of the Sorcerer from episode 2x01. This is how Arturo knew how to extract coordinates from a device that supposedly did not store them.

It was important for us in the last episode, to find redemption for Professor Arturo’s double, who had previously deceived our Professor. To achieve this, we used a mirror scene referring to the ending of “The Exodus: Part II,” when Maximillian Arturo was shot by Rickman while saving Quinn's life. In the case of our episode 6x13, the Professor was killed in a very similar way by Maraud.

In our sixth season vision of the Sliders series, we actually dealt with four different Professor Arturos. Our original Professor is the one who was abandoned in “The World with the Azure Gate Bridge,” and who after many years of wandering alone, slid to “The World of Diana and Mallory,” where after a while he accidentally met his former companions. We saw this Arturo from season 1 to the episode “Post-Traumatic Slide Syndrome” in season 2, and also in the final episode of season 6. The second Professor is the one who came from “The World with the Azure Gate Bridge,” and who we saw from “Post-Traumatic Slide Syndrome” in season 2 to the middle of season 3, and then throughout season 6. This Professor was terminally ill, although the disease did not progress between the events of season 3 and 6. The third Professor is the original Arturo of the alternative Sliders, who was abandoned in “The World with the Green Golden Gate Bridge,” and who was found years later by Remmy. This Professor was not ill. After retrieving Quinn and Wade, he continues searching his homeworld with them and with Rembrandt. We've only seen this Arturo once in the show, which was in the flashback in the penultimate episode of season 6. In turn, the fourth Arturo is the one who came from “The World with the Green Golden Gate Bridge,” who suffered from a terminal disease and who died at the hands of Rickman. We've only seen this version of the Professor in a few episodes from season 3, which were “Slide Like an Egyptian,” “Paradise Lost,” “The Last of Eden,” and in both parts of “The Exodus.”

We wanted the Sliders to finally come back to the Earth Prime at the very end of season 6. Especially after they got there a few episodes earlier. However, the last scene can be used for various types of continuation. Most likely, Quinn, Wade, Remmy, and Arturo have returned to our dimension, but are we sure about that? Is the red Golden Gate Bridge enough proof that this is our world? Maybe the Professor extracted the wrong coordinates from the timer and the heroes ended up in yet another similar world? On the one hand, the last scene gives hope that the Sliders have probably returned to their homeworld, but on the other hand, the same scene leaves the viewer in suspense. The episode ends just before the heroes manage to get clear evidence for it. This is deliberate, so that after the end of our season 6, it could be possible to theoretically write another season with Sliders who are still wandering and looking for their home. However, if we assume that in the last episode of season 6 the original four did indeed go home, then we need to remember that somewhere in the huge multiverse, the four alternative Sliders still travel.

When you watch the Sliders series again, note that the last episode with our original Sliders is in the season 3 episode “Murder Most Foul,” in which the Professor believes himself to be Detective Reginald Doyle. This episode is a simulation of a different reality. It is also a preview, or a teaser, that indicates that from the next episode, “Slide Like an Egyptian,” we would watch the alternative group of travelers through the Kromagg simulation.

The return of our Sliders to Earth Prime means that after the end of the entire series, there is another justification as to why we watched the alternative Sliders in the Kromagg simulation, from the episode in which the Egyptian timer was found. It is our belief, that the Sliders series turned out to be a story of four friends from our world, whose adventures we saw at the beginning of their interdimensional journey (season 1, season 2, and the first half of season 3) and at the very end of their journey (season 6). On the other hand, between the second half of season 3 and the end of season 5, we watched the story of alternative travelers, whose adventures turned out to be very important, because it was these Sliders who on their way, obtained many improvements to the Egyptian timer. As it turned out, these improvements and the knowledge gained by the alternative Sliders about sliding technology, were absolutely essential for the Sliders from our world. Thanks to them, they could finally return home! In other words, our Sliders had to meet the alternative ones so that the latter would help the former to return home. In turn, our Sliders helped the alternative Sliders to finally deal with the problem of Kromaggs and also on the occasion with the Zercurvians and Logan St. Claire.

The only question that remains, is when and how the alternative Sliders will ever find their way home. We are sure that one day they will also return to their dimension. We mean Quinn, whose body had been merged for a year with his double. We mean Wade, who was kidnapped by the Kromaggs, but fortunately was saved. We mean Professor Arturo, who was miraculously found after many years by Rembrandt. These four Sliders still travel. These four friends still search for their home!  

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