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Episodes 6x02 and 6x03 are based on a two-part Sliders comic book entitled "Armada", published in 1996 by Acclaim.

Scans of the comic book "Armada, part 1" >> CLICK!  

When we decided that the fan-fic "Slide Effects" was a great idea for an episode 6x01 which starts our virtual sixth season of Sliders, we knew that the last two episodes of the sixth series would include the grand finale of the entire series. Then the question appeared: what kind of adventures should we put in the gap between the first episode and the final? First, we took into account completely new stories, but we quickly decided that this is a great opportunity to include adventures that already existed – the adventures described in the Sliders comics.

Between 1996 and 1997, ten Sliders comic books were published. They included the original cast of Quinn, Wade, Remmy and Professor Arturo. These adventures took place in a parallel existence to the first season of the show, but we decided that since episode 6x01 resets the series and restores the old cast, that it is the perfect occasion to adapt the comics into our idea of what the 6th season should be. Not only do the Sliders in these comics continue to use the original timer, but the romantic relationship between Quinn and Wade was developed. All of which fits into our ideas for the season. Note: In our episodes, Quinn is well aware that Professor Arturo, who travels with Sliders, is his mentor's doppelganger.

As a result, all ten comics were adapted as a part of our sixth virtual season. We want to mention that the eleventh and final Sliders comic was also planned, but in the end, it has never been completed. There is only a script >> CLICK! However, this story resembles the final episode 5x18 “The Seer,” so we decided that we will not use it in our sixth season.

We adapted relatively faithfully the two-part Armada comic as the episodes 6x02 and 6x03. This comic introduced another enemy race, the Zercurvians, who are even more dangerous than the Kromaggs from the television series. Another note, is that the Armada comic book is very similar to the episode of the second season entitled “Invasion.”     

In the Armada comic book, there is not only a new race of Zercurvians, but also a race of aliens from outer space. Their name does not appear in the comic itself, but for the purposes of the sixth season, we used a name that Sliders fans will recognize. We believe that they are the Reticulans, which first appeared in episode 5x09 “The Return of Maggie Beckett.”

Finally, it is not without reason that the Sliders adventures shown in the comic books were not included in the television series. Not only would they have been too expensive to produce, but also far too "strong" for a family-adventure series. The stories from the Sliders comics are definitely more brutal, shocking and sometimes even more bloody. This is what distinguishes them from the stories known from TV.

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