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Episodes 6x06 - 6x08 are based on a three-part Sliders comic book entitled „Darkest Hour”, published in 1996 by Acclaim.

Scans of the comic book "Darkest Hour: Ticking Clock, part 3" >> CLICK!  

We adapted relatively faithfully the three-part “Darkest Hour” comic as the episodes 6x06-08. One of the exceptions is the segmentation of these three issues. Originally, these comics end in different ways. For the sake of consistency of the sixth season, we have distinguished three separate worlds from these comics, to which we devoted three separate episodes: Androids World, Samurai World and Earth Prime.

Regarding the latter - in the episode 6x08 the Sliders did indeed find their way to our dimension called Earth Prime. This episode also features the great return of the season one character, the mad physicist Bennish. In episode 6x08 we expended a story from the comic book about the return of the Sliders to home. We've added for example the correct color of the Golden Gate Bridge and we’ve mentioned the gate in front of Quinn's house which no longer creaks, because it was fixed in the episode 2x01 Into the Mystic. The comic book also mentions Quinn being interrogated by the FBI. This is the result of agents visiting Quinn's basement in the episode Summer of Love.    

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