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Episode description


The travelers were in an underground rock city. In this parallel world, evolution took an unexpected course, in which the Earth became inhabited by little green goblins instead of human kind. Unfortunately, the creatures had no friendly intentions towards the Sliders, and were chasing them away. Luckily, there were only a few seconds left until the next slide. The Sliders were running away from the goblins, when a chasm suddenly appeared in front of them. Quinn turned the timer down and opened a tunnel into the abyss. Green goblins came running with spears and axes. To save their lives, the Sliders jumped towards the abyss aiming at the open gate. In the next world, Rembrandt landed on the branches of a tall tree, and the other three fell right at the feet of a man dressed in native Aztec clothing. It turned out that the Sliders interrupted his ritual to summon the god Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec god of war.        

Season 6 credits: Quinn, Wade, Remmy, The Professor

The newcomers were unable to understand the chief or his people, who were only speaking the Aztec language. The Sliders started a conversation with each other, of course, in English. Quinn took the timer out of his pocket and found that the next slide would be possible in 32 hours. The Professor concluded that America was not colonized in this dimension, and primitive people still lived here. The chief reacted violently to these words. He took his cell phone from under his robes and, speaking in English, called the guards. The chief turned out to be Moctezuma IV, the king of the Aztecs, and the seemingly primitive robes were only an element of the ritual. In fact, this world was not technologically backward, but differed from ours by the fact that Europeans did not manage to conquer America during the Renaissance. As a result, instead of the USA, there was the Aztec Empire, and instead of San Francisco, there was the great city of New Tenochtitlan.

The summoned guards captured three of the Sliders. Wade and the Professor were to be transported to the king's palace, while Quinn was to go to the local laboratory with the timer. When Moctezuma IV saw the sliding device and heard about their journey to other worlds, he wanted only one thing, which was the conquest of other dimensions by the militant Aztecs. Rembrandt watched the whole situation, while remaining hidden from within the tall tree. As the guards and prisoners departed, Brown descended to the ground and went to look for the place where the hotel usually stood in other worlds. Instead, he found an ancient pyramid, where a bloody ritual was taking place at its peak. It turned out that in this world, white Europeans were forbidden to enter America and if any were caught, they were sacrificed to the gods in a deathly religious ceremony. Rembrandt had just witnessed the horrific removal of a white man’s heart, to satisfy the beliefs of the Aztecs.

While Wade and the Professor were being transported to the king's palace, rebels on motorbikes suddenly appeared. They kidnapped the two Sliders and drove them out of the city. The Aztecs made it clear that they were going to overthrow the evil King Moctezuma IV, who was a tyrant that opposed his people and unnecessarily followed the ancient bloody practices of the Aztecs. After some time, Arturo and Wells were joined by Remmy, who was also taken by the rebels. As for Quinn, Montezuma personally escorted him to the laboratory, where scientists began testing the timer. The king demanded that Mallory reveal the secrets of sliding. When he refused, the ruler ordered his death. At sunrise, Quinn would be sacrificed to the god Huitzilopochtli.

In this world, black people were safe among the Aztecs and they were treated with respect, because of the history of slavery under the white man. Thanks to this, Rembrandt and the rebels found a way to break into the king's palace to free Quinn and to steal back the timer. Rembrandt disguised himself as a European trader and pretended to grab the Professor and Wade. Thanks to this, they all entered the building, where the rebels joined them. When the fight began, the Sliders made their way to the lab and retrieved the timer. The terrified Professor stated that the device lacked an essential power source element. To make matters worse, the three friends couldn’t find Mallory.

The following morning, the sacrificial ceremony of the white man began at the top of the pyramid. Wearing only a loincloth and a plume, a half-naked Quinn stood in front of King Moctezuma. Suddenly, Mallory noticed that the king wore an unusual pendant. It was the missing power source for the timer. In this moment, the rebels with the other three Sliders broke into the palace, where an intense fight ensued. Quinn was able to free himself from his bonds and attacked Moctezuma and retrieved the element for the timer. Mallory tossed the power source towards the Professor, who reinstalled it into the device. There were only a few minutes left until they would be able to depart. The Sliders watched, as more and more rebels entered the temple grounds. Unfortunately, reinforcements of the royal army were also arriving at the pyramid. The travelers did not manage to see if the rebellion had succeeded in overthrowing Moctezuma, because Arturo opened the wormhole to the next world, before the fighting ended.

After the slide, it turned out that the Sliders had landed in the middle of a desert. Quinn removed the ceremonial plume from his head and looked down at the timer. There were three days left until the next slide, and so the heroes urgently needed to find some shelter from the scorching sun. Wade made a joke about Quinn, who was still only dressed in a small ceremonial loincloth. She said that he would need sunscreen the most. Wells hugged Mallory and gave him a kiss.

Inspired by a Acclaim comic book
 Text: Bartosz Listewnik
Brick Lady



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