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Episode description


The Sliders were watching the air battle beginning in the skies over Los Angeles through monitors at The Sliding Research Center. More than a dozen Manta ships were fighting against U.S. military aircraft, but everything changed when two large Zercurvian ships appeared, and easily destroyed both human and Kromagg forces. The Professor said that under such circumstances, the anti-Kromagg virus was not enough to declare victory. They had to find a way to defeat the Zercurvians as well. Unfortunately, Arturo suddenly felt unwell and moved to a secluded place to rest. Meanwhile, Maggie, Colin, Mallory, and Diana led Quinn, Wade, and Rembrandt to the Center’s research team. It was a team that consisted of the local doubles of Conrad Bennish, Jr., Dr. Steven Jensen, and Professor Maximillian Arturo. The latter man was speechless when he saw the Sliders. He asked if it was possible that he had finally found his companions. He explained that a few years ago he was mistakenly abandoned in the world with the Azure Gate Bridge. Quinn unexpectedly told Wade and Remmy that the travelers had probably found a long-abandoned friend.        

Season 6 credits: Quinn, Wade, Remmy, The Professor, Maggie, Colin, Mallory, Diana

Quinn explained to Wells and Brown that a few months ago, he had learned through the Kromagg simulation, that they had been accompanied for several years by the Professor's double Arturo2, and not by their actual friend. Their own Arturo had been abandoned in the world with the Azure Gate Bridge, which is information that Quinn intentionally withheld from Wade and Rembrandt. At this moment, Arturo2 returned to the room, feeling the symptoms of his terminal illness again. Once Professor1 saw him, he angrily attacked his double. He lost his friends for many years, because of this man’s actions. Remmy separated the two men just in time. Then Arturo2 apologized to all travelers. He confessed that he did not have much time left, because the relapse of his terminal disease was progressing rapidly. This information greatly concerned Brown and Wells, who did not know that Arturo2 was ill again.

The Sliders listened to the story of Arturo1, who, unlike his double, did not suffer from a terminal disease. After Professor1 was abandoned in “The World with the Azure Gate Bridge,” he spent several months constructing his own timer that could store dimensional coordinates. When he succeeded, he started a long, lonely journey with the hope that one day he would meet his companions again. As the years went by, his hope faded away. Everything changed just three months ago, when Arturo1 slid into the world where he is now, which is the dimension of Diana and Mallory. When Professor1 realized that there was The Sliding Research Center, he decided to abandon his journey. He deliberately missed his next slide and joined the team of scientists to help them improve their sliding technology.

Quinn had important news for Professor1 as well. He informed him that the Sliders had recently found their way back to the Earth Prime, but unfortunately, they were forced to leave it behind. Arturo1 replied that thanks to the advanced technology developed at The Sliding Research Center, he might be able to extract the coordinates of recently visited worlds from Quinn's timer, even though the device didn’t seem to store such data. Additionally, Professor1 upgraded Quinn’s timer with the ability to manually enter and store coordinates as well as track other wormholes. It was exactly what the alternate group of Sliders did with the Egyptian timer. After briefly scanning Quinn's timer, Professor1 extracted from the device the coordinates of several recently visited worlds. One of them was the coordinates of our dimension!

This happy moment was quickly interrupted by loud explosions. It turned out that more and more Manta ships were coming from other dimensions and started to attack the The Sliding Research Center. Apparently, the Kromaggs figured out that this was the place where the virus was being developed. Unfortunately, the research team still needed several more hours to release the right amount of the virus into the atmosphere. However, there was another problem to solve. The virus would soon destroy the Kromaggs, but what about the Zercurvians? Quinn suddenly had a brilliant idea. He remembered that while watching Quinn2's adventures in the Kromagg simulation, he had learned of two sliding inventions, which were the Slidecage and the Slidewave. Quinn decided that the Slidewave might be the best way to drive out both the Kromaggs and the Zercurvians from this world.

Diana quickly picked up on the Slidewave idea. Before Quinn2 went on with his three friends to search for their home, he told Dr. Davis that he had encountered this type of force during his adventures. After the opening of the The Sliding Research Center, Diana built a prototype of the device and provided it with an additional power source, but now the scientists had to work on it quickly. The Slidewave was a gigantic wormhole, which covers huge areas, even the entire planet, and the effect of it was a mass transfer of people to another dimension. The intense battle over Los Angeles was still going on, so Diana, Quinn, Colin, Bennish, Dr. Jensen and both Professors started to work quickly. After a few hours, they managed to upgrade the device. The Slidewave would send back from this dimension everything that did not originate from it. Everything that had a foreign quantum signature, both living beings and inanimate objects, would be returned. In order to prevent the Sliders from disappearing from this dimension, as a result of using Slidewave, their signatures were treated as exceptions and excluded from the mechanism. In effect, the Slidewave would have the Kromaggs, the Zercurvians, and their ships automatically transported back to the dimensions they came from.

There was only one hour left to the slide. Diana said the anti-Kromagg virus would start working in a few hours, and the Slidewave could be activated sooner. The Sliders decided to go to “The World with the Azure Gate Bridge” first, and drop off Arturo2 there. The coordinates of this world were still stored in the timer constructed by Arturo1, who had left from this world. Secondly, they wanted to finally go back to Earth Prime. Quinn, Wade, Remmy, and the two Professors said goodbye to Maggie, Colin, Mallory, Diana, Bennish, and Jensen. Suddenly, part of the building they were in collapsed. Diana led the way to an underground fallout shelter where they could safely complete the construction of the Slidewave. During the evacuation led by Maggie and Mallory, the ceiling collapsed and the Sliders from our world were cut off from the others who managed to reach the shelter safely.

Quinn, Wade, Remmy, and the two Professors had no choice but to run outside of the collapsing building. Once they got out of The Sliding Research Center, the one-eyed Maraud, the leader of the Zercurvians, took advantage of the situation. He shot out a beam at them which teleported all five travelers straight to his ship. While in the underground shelter, Diana, Mallory, Maggie, and Colin witnessed their capture through the monitors. After being transferred to the Armada ship, the confused Sliders noticed that Maraud was being accompanied by Quinn's female double, Logan St. Claire. The woman explained that she had been following the Sliders for several years. Recently, in a wormhole, she accidentally came across the Armada and the dying Zercurvians. She managed to save this race by getting the Armada out of the unstuck state. As a result, the two-dimensional Zercurvians regained their three-dimensional bodies. After their rescue, they decided to join forces with Logan St. Claire, who also sought her revenge on Quinn and the Sliders.

The battle in the sky was still raging over Los Angeles. Most of the American planes and Kromagg Manta ships were successfully destroyed by only two Zercurvian ships. Maraud thanked the travelers for letting the Zercurvians come across the Kromaggs, a race of beings with an even higher energy level than humans, who would be more nutritious for the Zercuvians than the homo sapiens species. The leader stated that he was consistent in his actions and kills all Mallorys he meets. At this moment, Maraud transformed his three-dimensional hand into a two-dimensional appendage, and thus it created a killer blade. He unexpectedly stabbed Logan with it, since she was also a Mallory. After she fulfilled her task, it was clear to Maraud that she had to die. Quinn walked over to the dying Logan and discreetly removed her timer from her pocket. She managed to whisper her last words to him,  "Watch out." Before Quinn could react, Maraud approached him. The opponent swung to deliver the final blow. At this point, Arturo2 ran up and pushed Quinn out of the way. Unfortunately, Professor2 took the killing blow.

Wade was terrified. She ran to Arturo2 and tried to stop the bleeding. Suddenly, the Zercurvian ship tilted and shook. It was the result of the fire from the new incoming Manta ships. Quinn looked at the timer, there were three minutes left to the next slide. The Sliders took advantage of the confusion and began to run away. Arturo1 and Remmy grabbed the heavily wounded Arturo2, lifted him up, and started running away. Quinn had been on one of the Armada ships a while ago, so he knew where to find the generators. Once they reached them, Quinn broke into the computer and remotely overloaded the sliding machine of both Zercurvian ships. The timer finished its countdown and Quinn activated the wormhole. All five travelers jumped into the tunnel. One-eyed Maraud was extremely furious because Quinn had just escaped him once again. He ordered the Zercurvians crew to trace the route of the Sliders to the next dimension.

Inside The Sliding Research Center, Diana noticed that there was a space-time disturbance aboard the Armada. She had correctly guessed that the Sliders had opened the wormhole and slid. Colin informed Davis that, according to Bennish and Jensen, the Slidewave mechanism was finished. Diana pressed the button. From the ruined Sliding Research Center, a tremendous impulse emerged and began to spread all around and pass through the buildings. When the Slidewave reached the Kromagg ships, they vanished. Then the scientists watched as the Slidewave approached the two Zercurvian ships. Unexpectedly, powerful explosions took place inside them. As both ships burned and fell towards the ground, the Slidewave suddenly took over them. No trace of Armada was left. Maggie, Colin, Mallory, and Diana were pleased with the effect of the Slidewave. Dr. Davis announced that they urgently needed to work on releasing the virus into the atmosphere and on constructing the Slidecage that would protect this world from further invasions. Later they would rebuild the above-ground portion of The Sliding Research Center.

Quinn, Wade, Remmy, Arturo1, and the badly injured Arturo2, landed on the beach right next to the Azure Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Professor2 was glad that he would die in his dimension. He once again apologized to everyone for leaving Arturo1 in this world several years ago. Quinn replied that most of the time he hadn't known he was dealing with the double, and that no matter which Professor he had traveled with, he treated them both like a father. Wade started crying. Professor2 managed to deliver his final words to Quinn. "Get them home... Sliders..." The man then died looking up at his still living double, whom he had greatly hurt. Arturo1 softly whispered, "I forgive you," and then he closed his double's eyes.

Quinn looked at the timer and told his friends that there were only seven minutes until the next slide. Then he took Logan's timer out of his pocket, smashed it to the ground and threw it into the ocean. He comforted his friends that from this moment on, no one would be following them. Quinn was certain that when the Zercurvians attempted to make an interdimensional jump, the Armada with all the Zercurvians on board, exploded. The time has come for probably the last slide. Quinn put in the timer the coordinates of the Earth Prime, the world where the Sliders arrived a few months ago, but they were forced to leave because of their personality disorder. This time the Sliders hoped to come home for good. After a few minutes, Quinn activated the timer and opened the tunnel. Unfortunately, the heroes had to leave the late Arturo2 behind. Quinn walked over to the crying Wade, hugged and kissed her on the cheek, before the couple ran towards the opened vortex right behind Remmy and Arturo1.

The four Sliders jumped into the wormhole, which was opened right next to the Azure Gate Bridge. After a few seconds, the vortex closed. A second later, in the next world, the tunnel opened at almost the same place. Four travelers jumped out of it. While landing, Remmy ran straight into the Professor. Arturo said that he had missed it for a very long time. Quinn and Wade looked ahead and smiled. The red Golden Gate Bridge stood right in front of them.


Text: Bartosz Listewnik
Brick Lady



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