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Episode description


All four Sliders waited anxiously in the vastness of an overgrown grassy meadow. The Professor’s gaze was intensely fixed on the disturbingly large mound that arose from the ground beneath them. He desperately hoped that the gaping hole at the peak of the dune was not the entrance to an undesirable colony. With only 33 seconds remaining on the timer, Quinn assured the Professor, that the group was not in danger. Unfortunately, those comforting words were very short-lived as the ground below them started to rumble. Emanating from the trembling mound, emerged an ant so massive, that it towered over its terrified prey. Descending quickly, the creature scurried towards the Sliders as the seconds ticked away for their escape!      

Season 6 credits: Quinn, Wade, Remmy, The Professor, Maggie, Colin, Mallory, Diana

The Sliders were in a world where evolution did not create the Homo sapiens species. The societies of this Earth were made not by humans, but by giant ants. One of those ants was instinctually chasing them. Quinn pressed the activation button on the timer and opened the wormhole out. Unfortunately, the ant caught Rembrandt with its impressively long legs. Wade grabbed a piece of wood found along the way and began to hit the insect with it. The monster released Remmy and all of them safely jumped into the portal.

This time the travelers slid to San Francisco. Unfortunately, the city was abandoned and devastated. It looked like a nuclear apocalypse took place there. The trams were overturned on the ground and the buildings looked as though they were about to fall apart. To make matters worse, Quinn noticed that the timer stopped working before he checked to see how much time was left before the next slide. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a large space-looking ship covered with strange growths emerged in the sky. While the ship appeared to be organic, the Sliders noted that it was not a Kromagg Manta ship, but was a ship of a different, unknown civilization. While studying the ship, a woman ran out of a nearby building. She looked skinny, scary and fraught as if her bodily tissue and the energy of life had been removed or drained from her body. She was surprised to see the Sliders, or any strong and healthy humans. Suddenly, the mysterious ship shot a yellow beam at the woman, and froze her in place. She could not move. When the Sliders ran over to help her, the woman fell apart before their eyes. Immediately turning to dust!

The protagonists decided that they had to get onto the deadly ship because it was probably the cause of their frozen timer. It turned out that the vehicle hovered near one of San Francisco's tallest buildings. The Sliders climbed onto a nearby roof and found a metal bar, which might allow them to pole-vault themselves to the craft. Quinn tied a rope around his waist and was about to make the jump, when Wade reassured him by kissing him tenderly. He leapt from the roof and landed on top of the ship where he proceeded to tie his end of the rope to one of the strange green growths, which allowed the others to board. They opened the hatch and entered the ship.

Inside, Quinn found an apparatus, which was proof that the vehicle was intended for interdimensional travel. Suddenly, a strange creature appeared in front of them. It was a tall and extremely slim, humanoid-like creature with pink skin and growths on its face. The creature explained that its name was Maraud and that he was a representative of the Zercurvian race. This race came from a parallel world where reality was two-dimensional or flat. Some Zercurvians were fed up with living in such a world and dreamed of reaching the third dimension, where they dreamt of gaining height. After years of research and many attempts, a group of Zercurvians managed to open a wormhole that could take them to another world. Unfortunately, there was a dangerous accident in the vortex, which resulted in the deaths of many two-dimensional beings. Only a few Zercurvians made it out of the tunnel and onto a parallel, three-dimensional world. It turned out they had slid into the basement of Quinn Mallory’s double.

The Zercurvians, who gained three-dimensional forms after appearing in his basement, fascinated the alternate Quinn. He made friends with them and taught them all about the science and technology of sliding. Unfortunately, it turned out that a side effect of the Zercurvians' traverse in the wormhole was a hunger for three-dimensional energy. In order for two-dimensional beings to maintain their three-dimensional forms, they needed to absorb that energy from other three-dimensional beings. This doppelganger Quinn would be their first of their many victims. It was a trick that Quinn would never see coming! Maintaining their form, the three-dimensional Zercurvians constructed several additional ships designed specifically for interdimensional travel. It was with this Armada that worlds were invaded and the Zercuvians drained the energy they required for life. Maraud explained that many of Quinn’s doubles had been encountered on their travels, and that the Zercuvians had learned a lot from each of them. Unfortunately the thanks Quinn received for teaching them how to store dimensional coordinates and to track other wormholes was the same as every Quinn before him. Maraud killed every Mallory he encountered.

The only thing that Maraud couldn’t do was to open the wormholes whenever he desired. The leader of the Zercurvians demanded that our Quinn teach him how to do so. After he refused to comply, Zercuvian reinforcements appeared beside to Maraud, and thing began to get heated. An alarming series of beeps from Quinn’s pocket indicated that not only was the timer working again but there was only a seconds remaining to the window. With the portal activated, the Sliders escaped their imprisonment and certain execution.

The Sliders appeared in another world near the Dominion Hotel. When they settled down in their room and turned on the TV, they found out that they were in a dimension where humans had been conquered by aliens. In 1947, after the Roswell incident, the government signed an agreement with the alien Reticulan race, and as a result, humans became their slaves. Frightened, the Sliders realized that they jumped out of the frying pan and into another fire - a moment ago they were in the world invaded by the Zercurvians, and now by the Reticulans.

Inspired by a Acclaim comic book
 Text: Bartosz Listewnik
Brick Lady



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