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Episode description


The Sliders left the hotel through the back door. Only 3 minutes left until the next slide. A few months earlier, the Sliders had slid onto the Reticulan’s world, but their representative was not as dangerous as the Reticulans found on this one. These Reticulans treated people like cattle and bred them solely for consumption. From their hotel room, the Sliders saw so-called “Harvests” or round-ups of people in the streets. Suddenly, three Reticulans noticed the Sliders on a side street. As the Reticulans approached and were about to capture the Sliders, a portal opened up and disintegrated the Reticulans. Remmy was about to jump in, but Quinn warned him that this was not a tunnel created by their timer. After a while, the Sliders understood who had activated this vortex. It was Maraud who emerged from it with the other Zercurvians who tracked down the travelers.      

Season 6 credits: Quinn, Wade, Remmy, The Professor

Maraud told the Sliders that he could help them get back home, but the travelers didn't believe him. Remmy grabbed a weapon dropped by the disintegrated Reticulans and aimed it at the Zercurvians. A net for catching animals fired from the weapon. The seven three-dimensional creatures got entangled in the net, but not for long. The Zercurvians were able to change their three-dimensional form into two-dimensional in the blink of an eye, so they quickly escaped from the trap. It was time for the slide. Quinn has opened the gate to the next world. The professor and Remmy first jumped into the tunnel. Then Mallory gave the timer to Wade, kissed her, and said that he couldn't let the Zercurvians follow the Sliders any further. The boy pushed Wells into the tunnel, that closed immediately after she fell in.

Wade, the Professor, and Remmy landed in the next world without Quinn. Wade was devastated. She understood that without the timer Quinn would never find them. The three Sliders noticed the buildings nearby, which resembled ancient Greek temples. Suddenly, ancient warriors ran towards them. The Sliders gave up and explained that they came from a parallel world. Zeno, the warrior leader, informed them that they had landed in the colony of Atlantis. It turned out that in this world, Atlantis never sank! What's more, this civilization managed to conquer the entire Earth, including California. In this dimension, however, there was no technological progress and the world looked like ancient times.

At the same time, Quinn was aboard one of the Zercurvian ships, that were just passing through the wormhole. Maraud demanded that Mallory strain his mind in the laboratory and solve the last problem they had with their sliding technology. Maraud did not want to wait any longer for the right moment in time when the gate to the other world could be opened. He wanted to do it on demand. Quinn refused to help the creature. Then Maraud showed him what he would do to him if the boy did not obey. He would treat him like the previous Quinns he killed by turning himself into a two-dimensional, flat form and then cut the Slider into tiny pieces.

Rembrandt, Wade, and the Professor were impressed by the stories about the Atlantis world. Zeno confessed that despite appearances his warriors were bored in this world. They loved fighting, but there was no one left to fight with. The whole Earth was ruled by one nation - Atlantis. While visiting one of the temples, the Sliders noticed drawings on its walls. They showed the victorious battle of the Atlanteans with the alien Reticulans. Zeno explained that his nation was attacked by the aliens many years ago, but despite their primitive, ancient technology, the Atlanteans managed to drive out the invaders.

When Mallory still refused to help the Zercurvians, Maraud threatened that he would kidnap Wade from the world she slid to and kill her. Facing the hopeless situation Quinn decided to implement his own plan. He has connected additional circuits to the Zercurvian sliding machine, which would cause a huge overload. Then Quinn informed Maraud that he had installed the promised upgrade, so Maraud gave the order to transport the entire Armada to the world where Wade and her friends were currently residing. The Professor, Wells, and Remmy watched huge electrical discharges in the sky. Suddenly the Zercurvian Armada emerged from the new tunnels. When the ship with Quinn on board landed on the ground, Mallory ran out of it and joined his friends. Then he overloaded the Zercurvian sliding machine with a remote detonator.

The apparatus exploded inside the ship. As a result of the overload of interdimensional technology, wormholes opened in the sky and began to drag the Armada inside. Mallory explained to the professor that he had modified the Zercurvian apparatus. The creatures' ships would fall into the sliding loop using a vortex of recursion. This meant that Armada would be unstuck in the tunnel forever. Then Quinn quickly returned to the Zercurvian main ship. He used Maraud's equipment to open one additional tunnel at the special request of the Atlanteans. It led to the world the Sliders had previously slid to. A world conquered by Reticulans. The Atlanteans were overjoyed that they could face the aliens again, free enslaved people and end the harvest. Mallory ran out of Maraud's ship at the last minute before it was dragged through a looped wormhole.

The time has come for the next slide. In the next world, all people are obese. In the restaurant Professor Arturo felt like he was in heaven, because every portion of food was enormous. The other Sliders felt uncomfortable in this dimension, but they had to get used to gluttony because they were to spend the next three weeks here.

Inspired by a Acclaim comic book
 Text: Bartosz Listewnik
Brick Lady



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