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Episode description


The four Sliders were in a world where circus performers were the majority of society. However, they were not friendly. They were more like members of a motorcycle gang. When the travelers found themselves in a big town filled with circus tents, they were forcibly incorporated into clowns. Despite their inexperience and lack of circus skills, they had to perform in a show. Dressed in colorful clown costumes, they climbed up a ladder to a platform suspended high above the audience. The scenario of the show expected the four clowns to walk from one platform to another on a thin tight rope. The Sliders didn't really want to risk their lives, but luckily there were only a few seconds left to the slide. They slowly climbed onto the rope and then Quinn opened the portal. All four jumped off the rope and disappeared in the tunnel into front of the audience.      

Season 6 credits: Quinn, Wade, Remmy, The Professor

The Sliders appeared in another world, right next to the church. In front of it, there was a preacher reading the words of the Bible. Arturo, who was an atheist, replied, “He could not listen to this nonsense.” Wade suggested they should buy new clothes since they looked pretty strange in the clown outfits. All agreed and rushed to the closest mall. Quinn said they would be in this world for just over a week. Since they were back in San Francisco, the Sliders were going to catch a tram that would bring them to the Dominion Hotel. Unexpectedly, a pillar of blue light hit an oncoming tram, and all of the people inside of the vehicle disappeared. The acolyte George appeared. The priest explained to the onlookers, that the tram passengers had been extremely lucky, as they were the chosen ones taken to heaven.

The Sliders learned that in this “Extremely Religious World,” Muslims were converting to Christianity, abortion and homosexuality has been completely banned, and the state and church were united. To get to know the world better, friends went to church. There they learned that for some time the chosen ones have been taken to heaven with the help of a beam of energy. The believers called it the Rapture. Professor Arturo was furious that the people in this world believed in such utter nonsense. His statement offended Rembrandt. Brown reminded his friends that he had been raised by very religious parents and began his music career by performing in church choirs.

As the Sliders left the church, another blue beam struck a woman passing by and she too disappeared like the others. Rembrandt took this as a sign and a chance for redemption. He told his companions that after quitting the church choir and deciding to pursue a career in show business. he didn't really accomplish much. He was a forgotten singer. He felt he now got a chance to atone for his parting with the church. For this reason, Brown approached acolyte George and asked him to join the community. The remaining three were confused. They decided to go to California University, where they hoped to find a scientific explanation for the Rapture. Unfortunately, when the students saw the professor, they called him an atheist and a blasphemer. All of a sudden, Brother Jacob Milton stood in their way, and there too stood a double of Quinn, who had shaved his head and was dressed in the robes of a monk. Quinn2 walked over to the professor and spat on him.

To get answers and understand the students' reluctance towards the Professor, Arturo, Quinn and Wade went to the home of the Arturo’s double. The look-alike was speechless when he saw them, especially when he saw his alternate version. However, he let the travelers inside. The Sliders told Maximillian2 about the slides and he then revealed that he was considered a heretic in this dimension for his scientific approach. In the Professor's house, Wade noticed magazines, which said that even Madonna was very religious in this world and had even become a nun. Arturo2 told the Sliders about his theory on the Rapture phenomenon. According to him, this world was connected to another dimension by microscopic wormholes. For some reason, this connection has recently been disturbed and was breaking. The visible effect of this incident was people disappearing as a result of sudden blue discharges. If no one stopped this process, this world would be in danger.

While the three Sliders were at the professor's home, Rembrandt joined the church choir and was singing religious songs with other believers. After the show, Brown was so thrilled, he decided to personally thank Brother Milton for giving him the opportunity to join the community. The priest quickly disappeared somewhere behind the scenes of the stage, and so Remmy decided to follow him. As he descended to the lower floors of the temple, he arrived at the laboratory, where Brother Milton and Quinn's bald doppelganger were talking about the Rapture. Brown overheard that Quinn2 had invented a sliding machine that the priest wanted to use for religious purposes. Despite his great faith, Quinn2 warned the brother that the trial turned out to be too dangerous and threatened the destruction of the world. Milton did not care at all. He replied that the world must prepare for a “God-given apocalypse.” As Rembrandt slightly opened the door, he saw a great portal to the parallel world inside of the laboratory.

Inspired by a Acclaim comic book
 Text: Bartosz Listewnik
Brick Lady



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