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Episode description


The Zercurvian Armada was still unstuck, trapped in the center of the wormhole, and unable to leave it. Maraud, the leader of a two-dimensional race that managed to achieve three-dimensional form, lost an eye during the explosion on the ship. Now he wanted revenge on the Sliders. His race was dying out due to the Armada's looping in the dimensional tunnel that was caused by Quinn. Maraud used the power of his equipment to track down the interdimensional travelers. The Sliders were currently in a world where newspapers reported that Nicole Brown had killed O. J. Simpson (in our world it was exactly the opposite). When all four travelers jumped into the vortex, they were struck by a strange power. It was Maraud's revenge. He wanted to make them unstuck in the tunnel forever.      

Season 6 credits: Quinn, Wade, Remmy, The Professor

Despite the strange discharges, the Sliders managed to get out of the tunnel and land in the next dimension. Maraud was furious that his plan to eliminate them had failed. Meanwhile, his body and the whole Armada began to destabilize and change from three-dimensional form back to their original two-dimensional state. This consequence of using all the remaining power of the fleet to launch, as it turned out, an ineffective beam towards the Sliders. They were supposed to stay in the current world for only 10 minutes. The Professor stated that as a result of this strange slide, the money in his pocket had been destroyed. Quinn decided to fix the problem. He saw a little boy named Vern, standing on a sidewalk, who was holding a jar of small coins. Mallory brazenly stole his savings and then jumped into the tunnel with the other Sliders.

In the next world, they landed in Los Angeles. Wade was shocked by the fact that Quinn had stolen the coins from an innocent boy. She then saw a passer-by, who dumped his rubbish on the pavement instead of the garbage can. Seeing this, Wells fell into an unprecedented frenzy. She ran to the scruffy man, grabbed the nearby flowerpot, and crushed his head with it. When she realized what had happened, she was terrified. She did not understand her own reaction. Suddenly, soldiers in futuristic costumes appeared at the scene of the crime. It turned out that the man with the crushed head was not a real man but an android. When soldiers heard that the Sliders were not robots but people of flesh and blood, they took them to Proxy Central.

The travelers met Monk Shearav, the company CEO, who explained that there were no ordinary people left in this world. They had all shifted their minds to either mechanical androids or digital holograms. Monk offered the Sliders a deal. In exchange for donating their biological bodies to Proxy Central, he would put their minds in androids to give them eternal life. Thanks to that, Shearav would be able to sell organic bodies to four customers who wanted to return to actual bodies for a while. The CEO needed the bodies of all four. The Sliders immediately refused. They were not going to accept this offer, because eventually one day they would leave this world. When the Sliders came back to their room to spend the night, Wade used the internet and found out that in this dimension, the first computer was created at the end of the nineteenth century. This immediately turned the industrial age into the IT age.

While the other Sliders were asleep, Rembrandt sneaked out of the room to talk to Monk. Remmy revealed to him that he was willing to convince his friends to give up their bodies in exchange for eternal life in the form of androids. Rembrandt was motivated by the fact that he was getting old and wanted to appear young again, in order to continue a career as the “Crying Man.” Monk showed Brown the advantages of having a cybernetic, artificial body in which only the brain was organic. This kind of coating can be changed to a new one at any time. Remmy witnessed a macabre scene. The body of the company's president was melted right in front of him, and a metal skeleton emerged from under the artificial shell. Suddenly a completely new body was placed over it. It was the artificial body of a young, attractive woman. Monk in female form wanted to kiss Brown, but Remmy refused the offer with disgust.

Rembrandt returned to the room while his friends were still asleep. Then he took the timer, grabbed the stun gun, and hit Wade, Quinn and the Professor. The immobilized three Sliders were taken to Monk, who remained in female form. The travelers did not understand what had happened to Rembrandt that made him betray them. The Sliders and the CEO of Proxy Central were joined by customers who were interested in buying the organic bodies of the captured friends. There was not much time before the next slide.

At the last minute, Mallory freed himself from his shackles and then he also freed the Professor and Wade. A fight ensued. Remmy was furious that his friend was taking away his chance for eternal life, so he punched Quinn in the face. Fortunately, Wade grabbed the timer which had just finished counting down. The tunnel opened, but Remmy had no intention of jumping into it anyway. He insisted that he didn't want to continue his journey because he wanted to stay here and gain an eternal body. At this point, Arturo grabbed Rembrandt and forcibly pushed him into the tunnel. Before the vortex closed, one more person apart from the Sliders jumped inside. It was Monk Shearav.

Inspired by a Acclaim comic book
 Text: Bartosz Listewnik
Brick Lady



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