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Episode description


Rembrandt joined Arturo, Arturo2, Wade and Quinn, and told them that the Rapture was a side effect of Quinn2’s sliding machine and was not a heavenly ascension. The travelers went to a nearby church, where a crowd of believers gathered. Brother Jacob Milton was just announcing that Judgment Day was about to come. The priest assured the audience that soon death, sadness or crying would no longer be a problem. Suddenly a blue ray of light hit the crowd of believers! More people disappeared from this world as a result of the alleged Rapture.      

Season 6 credits: Quinn, Wade, Remmy, The Professor

The Sliders went to “Burger Pope,” the local equivalent of Burger King, where Papal Burgers and other religiously themed fast food was served. Arturo2 showed them what was happening with this world. He picked up a piece of paper and made small holes with a pencil in it. Then he gently tore through the entire page. The paper was torn easily due to the small holes. This was the fate of this world. To prevent this from happening, the Sliders, along with the Professor's doppelgänger, broke into the temple. On the bottom floor, they found the door to Quinn's lab, where Remmy had sneaked into a few hours earlier. Wade, using her hacking skills, overloaded the wires of the alarm system and opened the door.

Upon entering the empty lab, the Sliders saw that the great portal was still open. Quinn checked the indicators on the monitors and understood that his double had opened the gate to one specific dimension. As a result, the energy from this world was constantly pouring into another, twin dimension. The Sliders decided that they had to use Quinn2’s tunnel in order to move to the twin world and stop the flow of energy. On that world, if they could somehow manage to create a cork to the vortex, than that might prevent people from disappearing from “The World of Believers.” The Professor reminded Mallory that there was only 12 hours until their next slide. According to the rules, they would have to return to “The World of Believers” to be able to use their own timer. Quinn disagreed with the Professor. He explained that due to the link created between the two dimensions, the Sliders would be able to use their timer in the next world as well.

The four Sliders and Maximillian2 jumped into the tunnel. They landed on a pentagram painted on the floor. Around them, there were Satanists led by Blake. They were surprised that their ritual ended with the appearance of people from another world. The Satanists wanted to capture them, but the travelers were faster and began to escape towards the exit. Unfortunately, the cultists caught Professor Arturo, who had fallen behind the others. The Sliders got out of the satanic temple but promised each other that they would return for the Professor. They looked around, and suddenly realized where they were. It was a terrifying “World with Violence, Vulgarity and Evil,” which was ruled by the Church of Satan. For example, instead of McDonald's restaurants, there was McDevil's. On one of the streets, they found a concert poster advertising a famous musician. Depicted on the poster staring back at them was a double of "The Crying Man,” who on this world was known as Rembrandt "Howlin Mad" Brown.

At the same time, Professor Arturo was being kept tied up in a torture chamber. His torturer was the leader of the local Church of Satan, a double of Wade Wells. A woman in a very skimpy and tight-fitting outfit who played the role of a dominatrix. She interrogated the half-naked Professor by using a whip. Wade2 told Arturo about Satan's wisdom, about not turning the second cheek, and about taking revenge. She asked the Professor if there was anyone he blamed for this whole situation, including wandering the parallel dimensions. Furious, Maximillian firmly replied that he blamed Quinn Mallory.

The Sliders learned from a library that in this world Anton Szandor LaVey, the founder and high priest of the Church of Satan, was an idol. This religion at first was not the dominant one. Everything changed when rituals resulted in the appearance of ghosts from another world. The Sliders realized that these permeating beings from another reality were people from “The World of Believers.” Those people who in this world’s understanding had experienced the Rapture. After entering the world of Satanists, they turned into pure energy and unfortunately their bodies perished. Suddenly Arturo2 had an epiphany. He realized that he was the only chance to stop the apocalypse in both worlds. Since the Rapture did not take people into the world of the Satanists alive, it meant that he was the only living person from “The World of Believers” who had succeeded. And that meant he could be the cork that they were looking for. The cork that would block the energy flow.

Wade, Quinn, Remmy and Arturo2 broke into the Temple of Satan. They had to get into the ritual hall with the pentagram on the floor. Wade2 and her prisoner, Professor Arturo, suddenly appeared on their way. Arturo2 explained that if he stood in the center of the pentagram, he would be like a lens that would reflect the energy flowing from “The World of Believers.” Wade2 agreed to this ritual, because she wanted to take over the extra energy and become even more powerful. To implement this plan, she released the Professor and entered the center of the pentagram with Arturo2. The climax has come. There has been another Rapture in “The World of Believers,” and new people turned into energy were just reaching “The World of Satanists”. Arturo2 absorbed a huge amount of energy, which he reflected. Thanks to this, he saved the two worlds by breaking the link between them. Unfortunately he paid for this with his life. In turn, the energy absorbed by Wade2 turned out to be too strong for her also, and resulted in her demise. The woman was melted in front of the travelers.

It was time for the slide. Arturo, Quinn, Wade and Rembrandt opened the wormhole and slid to a next dimension. The Professor kept to himself what he had told to the alternate Miss Wells about blaming Mallory for everything. At the same time, in “The World of Believers,” Brother Milton and Quinn's bald doppelgänger noticed that the portal had closed completely. The priest was terrified, because the whole idea of the Rapture was crushed.

Inspired by a Acclaim comic book
 Text: Bartosz Listewnik
Brick Lady



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