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Episode description


Quinn, Wade and the Professor jumped out of the wormhole, along with the captured Rembrandt. A fifth person suddenly emerged from the tunnel. This was the female version of Monk Shearav. They landed in the center of San Francisco, which did not resemble the city they knew. The buildings around them looked as if they had been moved there from Japan. Suddenly Monk shouted out in despair, that she had lost her digital connection with all the people of her world. She then ran into the street and almost got hit by a car. The driver and a samurai got out of the car. The driver said that Monk blocked his way and as a result, he would be late, so Monk had to pay him for it. At the same time, the samurai approached the woman and using his sword, cut her in a half.        

Season 6 credits: Quinn, Wade, Remmy, The Professor

The terrified Sliders watched Monk crumbling to pieces and its metal parts collapsing to the street. The car with the driver and samurai drove away. The Sliders decided to go to a quiet park, where they would be safe. It turned out that they were in a world where Japanese culture dominated, even in the United States. They had only a few hours till the next slide, so they decided to use this time to find out what caused their strange behavior. Quinn, who stole the boy's coins, Wade, who furiously attacked the android, and Remmy, who betrayed his friends and wanted to be forever young. These irrational, unusual behaviors made the four friends very concerned. Everyone agreed that during the previous slide, when they felt strange discharges, their personality had to be disturbed. Unfortunately, they did not know the reason for this change. They did not know that it was the effect of Maraud's revenge that disrupted their slide. As a result of his intervention, their worst character traits were exposed.

The Sliders found a sandbox in the park. Quinn and the Professor drew physical formulas in the sand to find a scientific explanation of what happened to them. Suddenly, personality changes began to manifest in Maximillian as well,. by emphasizing his easy ability to irritate. The Professor accused Quinn of being careless in constructing the timer a few years ago. He blamed him for any failures and current problems. They were still arguing when three children approached them. The boys asked them to leave the sandbox because they wanted to play there. The four Sliders were so busy arguing that they simultaneously shouted back to the children to get out of there.

The travelers continued arguing. Quinn accused the Professor of relying only on theories and constantly using them up, while he had never constructed anything by himself. Arturo replied that at least he hadn't invented something that got him lost in the parallel dimensions. During a heated argument, the three boys returned to the sandbox with their samurais. The kids complained to their guards that the travelers did not let them play in the sand. It turned out that everyone in this dimension, including children, could hire a samurai to bring about justice. Usually with blood.

Just when the Sliders were about to share the fate of Monk, an angry Professor began to give a lecture on how a noble samurai should behave based on a code, and not on the whims of the owner. The Japanese warriors admitted, that they were in fact selling their services to others for far too long. The three boys were surprised by this sudden twist. Arturo was approached by more and more samurais who were touched by the Professor's speech. The samurais agreed that it was time to return to the old tradition.

The Professor, in whom personality changes were also gaining strength, was enchanted that the samurais had actually listened to him. He decided to stay in this world. He was greatly encouraged by the fact that the inhabitants of this world had received his knowledge so positively. Arturo resented Quinn for not appreciating him. It was time for the slide. The travelers were not going to abandon Maximillian. Quinn insisted that the Professor should continue the journey. Arturo got so furious by Mallory’s words, that he took the sword from one of the samurai and intended to attack the boy with it. Quinn quickly decided to use a trick on Arturo to push him into the tunnel. He opened the wormhole directly in front of the Professor and Arturo immediately got sucked inside of it.

Inspired by a Acclaim comic book
 Text: Bartosz Listewnik
Brick Lady



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