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Episode description


The travelers appeared among the thick green vines that covered the surrounding area. Adjacent to the strange overgrown bushes stood a towering shuttle that was being prepared for launch. With alarms sounding, security of the Multibiz Corporation ran over to collect them, having mistaken them for passengers from a ferry that had gone missing. Unexpectedly, a group of mercenary eco-activists had attacked the vessel during the escort, and overpowered the station with a deafening gas. The head of the militant operation had taken poor Wade by surprise, as the man was a double of her father. Crying out “Dad!,” had garnered his attention, but Don Wells did not recognize his daughter at all. Multibiz bodyguards managed to stop the attackers and led the Sliders onto the shuttle, but before they realized what was happening, the rocket boosters fired and carried them all to space.        

Season 6 credits: Quinn, Wade, Remmy, The Professor

During the flight, the Sliders watched an instructional film, which explained that decades ago, NASA signed an agreement with the Multibiz Corporation in order to build a network of space stations and lunar Moon bases, which were designed for commercial use. At the same time, eco-activists joined a radical group called "Earth First," who created “Green Thumb,” a fast spreading chemical formulation, which accelerated the multiplication of plant-based systems. In a relatively short time, the entire planet was overgrown with lush but aggressive plant-life and overly dense forests. In the process, human habitats were destroyed and the evacuation of people to space had begun. The purpose of this particular flight was to dock one of those Multibiz stations, which was orbiting the Earth.  

Mysteriously, by the time they reached their destination, Professor Arturo had become considerably ill. The three other Sliders accompanied him to the sick bay, where he was sent for evaluation under one-eyed Dr. Elizabeth Wells, the doppelganger of Wade's mother. Unfortunately, Dr. Wells refused to help the Professor, because he did not have a Multibiz medical card. An argument ensued, which resulted in the care of the Professor, but only after Quinn demanded that she act. Consequently, meeting the doubles of both of her parents in such a short time was emotionally too painful for Wade. Not so long ago, the Sliders found their way to Earth Prime, which they unfortunately had to abandon. Visibly upset, Wade ran out of the sick bay and down the corridors of the space station, with Rembrandt following after her.

Dr. Wells continued to take care of the Professor and ran some additional tests on him. Quinn inadvertently saw the results of those tests on some monitors in the sick bay. The findings of those studies indicated that there was no evidence of sickness from space, but rather a relapse of an illness that he had suffered from previously. An illness that Arturo and Quinn believed to have been cured. The Professor revealed to Mallory that he had been feeling unwell for some time, even though a few years earlier it seemed like the Healer on Aquarius world had cured him completely. For the moment however, Arturo addressed a bigger concern that had to be solved before all else. Twenty-eight hours remained until the next slide and during that time, they had to find a way get back to Earth to ensure that they remained within a safe radius for sliding into the next dimension. 

Meanwhile, Rembrandt caught up to Wade just outside the science center, at the other end of the space station. Suddenly, multiplying vines burst out of a nearby laboratory. Terrified scientists ran out of the room, including the head of the research facility, Conrad Bennish, Jr. Unfortunately, Remmy and Wade were unable to evacuate the area, before Bennish isolated  the contaminated part of the station and jettisoned that portion of the lab into space. Terrified, Wade and Remmy struggled through the room to grab spacesuits and oxygen cylinders, before clearing the room, where they found themselves in the vacuum of space. Fortunately, the suits were also equipped with a harpoon and a rope. Wade took aim at the airlock, and drifted with Brown towards it. The problem was that the airlock was tightly closed and there was not much air in Wade and Remmy's cylinders.

Luckily, the Professor and Quinn discovered that the two other Sliders were drifting in a vacuum outside of the space station. Seeking help, they explained to Liz Wells, that Wade was the daughter of her doppelganger and asked for assistance in her rescue. The doctor ran eagerly to the airlock and opened it. At the same time, she realized that Bennish, the head of scientists, had deliberately left the two Sliders outside without help. As a result, Liz rebelled against Multibiz. Together, with all four Sliders, they went to the escape pod and Liz launched the capsule towards the Earth. During the flight, the doctor explained to them that in this world, her daughter Wade had died when she was a baby. This tragic loss occurred when Wade was accidentally killed by the National Guard in the middle of a heated environmental protest and Liz lost one eye as a result of the fight. The strain of this loss was too much for the marriage of Don and Liz and shortly thereafter, the two of them separated. In the following years, as Liz graduated from medical school, Don became involved with extreme environmental radical activist groups who opposed the Multibiz Corporation.

The capsule landed in the jungle of Costa Rica, where the headquarters of militant ecologists has remained undiscovered amongst the ancient ruins and Mayan pyramids. Don Wells, who recently flew from California to Costa Rica, was also there as well. He warmly greeted Liz and was emotionally introduced to his deceased daughter's double, Wade. Introductions aside, Don showed the Sliders evidence that humanity had been lied to by the Multibiz Corporation. It turned out that Multibiz was the true creators of “Green Thumb,” because it was in the company’s best interest to evacuate humanity to space, where Multibiz could control them.

Understanding this, those who remained on Earth made several attempts to contact the various space stations to inform them of the truth, but the signal from the surface of the Earth was jammed by the corporation and never reached its intended audience. Considering the methods of human communication, Wade had an unorthodox idea, that her parents decided was crazy but possible to accomplish. Setting Wade’s idea in motion, the eco-activists coordinated with fellow activists in Brazil to set calculated fires in huge parts of the jungle, using a very specific pattern. As a result, the inhabitants of space stations saw a gigantic inscription burned in the Amazon, which read "Green Thumb is Multibiz." Thanks to this spectacular action, the inhabitants of space bases revolted against the corporation, whose goal was not to save humanity, but to develop their own business.

With only a few hours left until the slide, the travelers urgently needed to return to California. At their request, Don Wells arranged for them a fast helicopter and pilot. Wade said a heartfelt goodbye to her parents' doubles, who were grateful that they could spend a few hours in the company of their daughter. The daughter they had lost over 20 years ago.

Inspired by a Acclaim comic book
 Text: Bartosz Listewnik
Brick Lady



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