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Episode description


Quinn, Wade, Remmy, and Professor Arturo appeared in Los Angeles near the Chandler Hotel. Unfortunately, many nearby buildings were destroyed. The area looked like it was a warzone. Quinn looked at the timer. There was 19 hours left until the next slide. The boy discreetly asked the Professor how he was feeling and Arturo replied that the symptoms of the disease were getting worse. They were walking towards the hotel when suddenly the Kromagg Manta ship appeared in the sky, followed by another. Neither of the two ships had fired at the Sliders, but instead, one took aim at the other. After a struggle to stay airborne, the ship that had been fired upon fell to the ground near the Sliders. They noticed people, not Kromaggs, escaping out of the burning wreckage. As the Sliders got closer, they saw that the survivors were Maggie, Colin, Mallory, and Diana.        

Season 6 credits: Quinn, Wade, Remmy, The Professor, Maggie, Colin, Mallory, Diana

«A flashback beginning one year earlier» Rembrandt jumped into the unstable vortex that closed a moment later. Maggie was crying desperately. Mallory looked at Beckett and Diana, and asked, "What do we do now?" In a completely different dimension, the wormhole opened and Rembrandt Brown jumped out. He landed in San Francisco, right next to a mine-trap set by Kromagg troops. Remmy realized that if Maggie, Diana, and Mallory had come with him as they planned, the prophecy of The Seer would have come true. All of the Sliders would have died if they had hit that mine. Suddenly, people surrounded Brown. It was the resistance movement that immediately transported him to their secret base. Remmy explained to them that after a long journey, he had returned to his homeworld with the anti-Kromagg weapon, contained in his blood.

The members of the resistance led Rembrandt to the local leader who turned out to be Maximillian Arturo. The Professor explained that he was not from this world. Earlier he found himself stuck in the dimension with the green Golden Gate Bridge, where he was abandoned by Quinn, Wade, Remmy, and his treacherous double. Brown was amazed by hearing this news. He suddenly realized that the Arturo standing in front of him was his friend, who the Sliders might actually have mistakenly abandoned in a world that was very similar to their home. The Professor explained that after many months in the world with the green bridge, he constructed his own timer and began his journey through parallel worlds. A half a year ago, he slid into this dimension. It turned out that it had been conquered by the Kromaggs a few years ago. The Dynasty captured and imprisoned him for so long that Arturo missed his slide, and his timer turned useless. Then, the Professor was freed from his prison by the human resistance. He joined the efforts of the resistance, and after some time he even became their local leader.

Remmy was extremely happy. He had found his friend and they were now in the homeworld they had been searching for, for so very long. Unfortunately, the Professor got some bad news too. The world they were both in, was not their world. This dimension was indeed confusingly similar to their home dimension, however here the color of the Golden Gate Bridge was gold, not red like in their world. Rembrandt was devastated to learn that the world he had thought to be his home for many months, had turned out to be a mistake. The Professor told Brown that there was still a positive side to this situation. The world with the gold Golden Gate Bridge had been unsuccessfully fighting the Kromaggs for several years, and now that would finally change. The virus in Brown's blood turned out to be the salvation.

Arturo extracted the deadly virus from Remmy's blood and multiplied it. Several days passed before the sufficiency of the virus could be released into the atmosphere. Once that happened, the Kromaggs really began dying out. Then the Professor repaired the damaged Egyptian timer in order to return to “The Seer World,” and save Quinn, who had been trapped for almost a year in the body of his double, Mallory. Fortunately, the Professor managed to fix the device. After the next few days, when the timer had finished counting down, Remmy and the Professor jumped into the wormhole.

Once they have landed in “The Seer World,” Arturo and Brown went to the warehouse with Kromagg equipment, where they met Maggie, Mallory, Diana, and Quinn's mother, Amanda Mallory. The friends were extremely surprised by Remmy's safe return because they feared that the “Crying Man” might have died. They were even more amazed at the Professor's return. Maggie explained that the Seer was unfortunately dead, and his daughter Claire LeBeau was arrested for fraud. Diana added that in recent days, she had tried unsuccessfully to use the Kromagg sliding machine, but unfortunately it had been completely discharged. Remmy sadly informed his friends that the world he had previously slid into was not his homeworld, and that meant that he has still to continue his search. The Sliders realized that the dimension where Maggie had difficulties breathing and which was later attacked by the Kromaggs, was a dimension very similar to Brown’s, but differed in detail as the Golden Gate Bridge was gold. Thus, Amanda Mallory realized that Quinn, whom she met on her way, was not really her son, but his double.

The Professor and Diana began cataloging the equipment left behind by the Kromaggs. It turned out that thanks to several of them, Arturo was able to construct a device that would allow the splitting of the two merged Quinns. After a few days of work, they were ready to try. The Professor and Diana directed a laser beam at Mallory, which bent space-time. Suddenly, not one, but two persons jumped out of Mallory! It was Quinn and his brother Colin, who had been unstuck for the last few months. Quinn was very happy to have his body back, so he could hug his mother's double again. Quinn approached Colin, who was lying on the ground unconscious. Suddenly, his brother's face started turning into other faces. The Sliders have seen a similar trick performed by the Kromaggs, more than once.

Once they revived Colin, they asked him for an explanation. Colin admitted that he was not really Quinn's brother, but his clone. It all started when Quinn, Wade, Remmy, and the Professor met the Kromaggs for the first time. The Dynasty scientists not only placed a chip in Quinn's brain, but they also removed his DNA. This allowed the Kromaggs to grow a clone at an accelerated rate. The Kromaggs did not need to use it at first, but as the months passed by and the Dynasty was still unable to reach their homeworld, Kromagg Prime, the generals decided that it was time to use Colin to speed up taking back their homeland.

The plan was simple. The Kromaggs assumed that if Quinn was so brilliant, then he might be able to turn off the Slidecage installed on Kromagg Prime, faster than Dynasty scientists. If Quinn was supposed to be effective, he had to find the solution by himself, rather than under Kromagg pressure. That’s why the generals decided to use the family as a motivating factor for Quinn's actions. Thanks to their spies, the Kromaggs knew that on their homeworld, a pair of scientists named Elizabeth and Michael Mallory had invented anti-Kromagg weapons and locked them out of their world with the Slidecage mechanism. They also knew that the couple had two sons whom they had lost during the war. So the Dynasty came up with a scenario in which Quinn was persuaded that he did not come from his world, but from Kromagg Prime. He was also told that he had a brother who was in fact his clone, Colin. Using their mind control tricks, the Kromaggs were able to convince Quinn's mother and Colin that both Quinn and Colin were brothers from Kromagg Prime. This is why Amanda Mallory tried to convince Quinn in a prison cell that the story of his origins was true.

The Kromaggs used Amanda from the gold Golden Gate world for their plan. Just like Quinn, they also believed it was the real world that the Sliders came from. The goal of this manipulation was to let Quinn shut down the Slidecage and to allow the conquest of Kromagg Prime, which as we know, has failed. After Dr. Geiger's experiment caused Colin to become unstuck and Quinn to become subatomically merged with his double Mallory, the Kromaggs abandoned their plan. They knew that it was no longer possible. After telling this story, Colin excused himself that when he was unstuck in space-time; the Kromaggs manipulations applied to his mind were expired and reset. Thanks to this, Colin woke up from a dream-like state and stopped believing that he was Quinn's brother. He now remembered that he was his clone. Colin also explained that despite he was a human, the Kromaggs had activated the dormant parts of his brain, which is why he was able to change faces.

Suddenly, Colin said something that no one expected. When he was unstuck for many months, he sensed the power of Wade, who until recently was submerged in a green liquid tank as a Cyberiad. Colin felt that Wade was still alive! Diana quickly found in her PDL the coordinates of the world in which the travelers had recently found Wells. She also increased the power of the Egyptian timer so that more than four people could fit into the tunnel. When the timer finished counting down, the Sliders jumped into the vortex, leaving Amanda in the warehouse. Quinn, Remmy, the Professor, Maggie, Colin, Mallory, and Diana slid straight to the henhouse, which turned out to be a cover for an underground rebel base, who were fighting against Kromaggs. The Sliders were lucky as they quickly met people who had saved Wade! When Wells saw the Sliders again, she got tears in her eyes. She greeted her friends whom she lost a few years ago.

Wade began her story about how she was kidnapped by the Dynasty from the same prison where Remmy was held. First Wade was transported to the breeding colony, where she met, among others, Christina Griffin. However, she was quickly taken to the next world, because the Kromaggs did not want to make her a slave. They wanted to be careful with her in case they would need her as a bargaining chip against Quinn, who was looking for a way to bypass the Slidecage. She was imprisoned in a cell with good conditions until the plan of bypassing the Slidecage with Quinn's help was lost. Then the Kromaggs decided to use their backup plan. They put Wells in a jar of green liquid as the ultimate weapon called a Cyberiad. In this state, Wade's mind was linked to special apparatus, which allowed her to open a portal to Kromagg Prime, by bypassing the Slidecage. Fortunately, over a year ago, Remmy, Maggie, Colin, and Mallory disrupted that plan, when Mallory was able to enhance Wade's awareness. This allowed Wade the ability to annihilate all of the Kromaggs in the military base. She was seriously injured, and close to death, but the human rebels managed to remove her body from the Kromagg facility and transport her to their base. After weeks, Wade recovered and was fighting again.

Remmy informed Wade that he had an anti-Kromagg virus in his blood, which pleased the rebels greatly. He also told her that the world they thought was their home, had unfortunately turned out to be another parallel dimension. The Sliders convinced Wells to rejoin them. All eight Sliders, including Quinn, Wade, Remmy, the Professor, Maggie, Colin, Mallory, and Diana, once again slid to “The Seer World,” to help Amanda Mallory. Quinn entered the coordinates of the gold Golden Gate Bridge world into the timer, which was her home. After several hours, the countdown of the timer was over. All eight travelers could return Amanda to her world, which had defeated the Kromaggs a few days earlier, thanks to the virus from Remmy's blood. Quinn said goodbye to his mother's doppelganger and promised her that he would visit her from time to time until her real son returns.

The Sliders decided that it was time to return to the world of Diana and Mallory. Dr. Davis announced that she was going to open the Sliding Research Center in the former location of Geiger Applied Research near Los Angeles. For a few days, the Professor and Quinn helped Diana to initiate this project, and then they decided to continue sliding with Wade and Remmy, in order to find their home. Maggie initially wanted to accompany them as well but changed her mind when she met a double of her deceased husband, who in this world was working in Geiger's laboratory. A few years ago in this dimension, Dr. Steven Jensen lost his wife, Maggie's doppelganger, and he has never had a skiing accident. Thanks to this lucky coincidence, Maggie got her husband back, and Steven got his wife. Colin has also chosen to stay in this world to help Diana and Mallory run the Sliding Research Center. Quinn, Wade, Remmy, and the Professor decided to continue their long journey, but thanks to the ability to store coordinates in the Egyptian timer, the travelers could return to Geiger’s world from time to time and visit their friends. At Remmy's request, the Sliders also visited the dimension, where people from Maggie's world had been evacuated because the "Crying Man" wanted to see his friend Malcolm Eastman again.

After several months of work, Diana and Mallory solemnly opened the Sliding Research Center, which consisted of many floors both above and below ground. Dr. Davis constructed several timers and recruited several teams that began controlled journeys into parallel dimensions. The teams of scientists visited them, and after their return, they thoroughly described and cataloged all new worlds. Unfortunately, two days ago one of the teams came across the Kromaggs, who tracked this team and decided to attack the world of Diana and Mallory. Suddenly, Manta ships appeared over the city of Los Angeles, but luckily, humans were able to intercept one of them. Maggie, as an experienced pilot, decided to learn to fly it. Colin, Diana, and Mallory were accompanying Beckett in a secret aircraft hangar while studying the vehicle. Suddenly, another Manta Ship attacked them. All four Sliders immediately boarded the captured ship and began to escape in it. Unfortunately, the Kromagg ship that was chasing them quickly shot them down. After they escaped from the wreckage that had fallen near the Chandler Hotel, they found Quinn, Wade, Remmy, and the Professor who appeared unexpectedly.

«Back to the present» Wasting no time, Maggie ordered them to quickly leave the rubble and return to the Sliding Research Center, where they would be safe in the underground levels. Once they reach their destination, Maggie, Colin, Diana, and Mallory realized that the Quinn, Wade, Remmy, and the Professor they’d just met were not their friends, but a completely different group of Sliders. In turn, our Quinn realized that he had just met the same people whose adventures he was experiencing in the Kromagg simulation. When Maggie finished telling the story about the complicated and often tragic fate of her Sliders, Wade was relieved to say that her group had never lost anyone. Wells added that in her group, there was the right Professor and not his double. Although, her group once was in a similar situation in “The World with the Azure Gate Bridge,” where it was uncertain which Professor had slid. While Wade was saying this, Quinn and Arturo exchanged some meaningful glances.

Quinn didn't understand why the Kromaggs had taken over this world since Remmy's double had a virus that he had given to many worlds. Diana explained to the Sliders that the Kromaggs had never invaded her dimension before, and so it wasn't until two days ago, that mass production of the virus had begun there. Unfortunately, one more day was needed to release it into the atmosphere. The Professor announced that he would be happy to join the research team in order to accelerate the work.

Suddenly, there were deafening sounds in the distance. A huge vortex opened in the sky from which two ships emerged. They weren't the Kromagg Manta Ships, but the Zercurvian Armada. The Sliders watched this frightening scene on monitors at the Sliding Research Center. At the same time, inside one of the ships, the Zercurvian leader, the one-eyed Maraud, was giving a speech to his crew. A mysterious woman accompanied him. Maraud was glad to finally find a version of Mallory that was eager to help him. He wanted to have his revenge on Quinn, who had wiped out most of his fleet. Mallory, who had allied with Maraud, was Quinn's female doppelganger. It was Logan St. Claire.

Cont. >> Convergence, part II

Text: Bartosz Listewnik
Brick Lady



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